• Ana Hesse

    Ana Hesse

    Ana Hesse is the blacksmiths daughter, and is clearly infatuated with Jacob Sterling.
  • Buck


    Buck is one of the few mountain people brave enough to spend extended periods of time in Dusty Mills.
  • Ephriam Colt

    Ephriam Colt

    Colt is the representative of the territorial authority in the town of Blackwater.
  • Jacob Sterling

    Jacob Sterling

    Jacob Sterling owns and operates the sawmill that is the lifeblood of the town. His family has run the mill for several generations, and many in town look up to him.
  • James Dodgson

    James Dodgson

    Dodgson is the doctor in Blackwater.
  • Joseph Sterling

    Joseph Sterling

    Eldest son of Jacob Sterling, Joseph was the foreman of the forestry camp at Dusty Mill.
  • Liza Penstock

    Liza Penstock

    Liza is the Steward of Dusty Mill. As a convert from the mountain people, many see her as the reason Dusty Mill is able to continue to exist so close to the savages.
  • Theresa Belle

    Theresa Belle

    Theresa Belle is the midwife of Blackwater.