There are a few reasons that I think Dogs will be a different sort of game than what we’ve played before. It is not supposed to be nearly as heavily DM’d as some of the other games we play. Each session will be designed to be a story that can essentially stand on it’s own; I write a basic premise made of a few characters representing a new town, but other than that it evolves on it’s own. The towns will rarely be connected. Further, the game is designed so that you will have as much say over the setting as I do. If you want there to be a table next to you that you can flip to make a point, I’m never going to say no. If I think it’s reasonable, I’ll just go ahead and let you add it to the setting, and even if I think it’s ridiculous the most I’ll do is ask the other people around the table whether they agree that there is in fact a table next to you.

In addition to that, the struggle in this game is not intended to be mechanically overcoming your enemies. It is quite possible in any adventure that one of you has the power, on paper, to solve the solution on their own. The struggle in this game is about deciding what the right thing to do in that situation is, not about simply coming out on top.

Finally, because this game is about finding the right thing to do, it is completely possible that you will not agree with each other, and even that for parts of the game you will be actively working against each other. Because we obviously can’t do that without you hearing some things that your character shouldn’t know, rather than try to keep things secret from you I’m largely going to just trust you not to use knowlege that your character shouldn’t have to make decisions.

We will start out with all three of you having just finished your training as Gods Watchdogs, the absolute figure of authority to people of faith. You have been sent to the first town on a long journey; Dusty Mill.

Musical Prayers